Inspiration and Teachings

There are people around us who have shaped who we are, they inspire us to achieve and reflecting on their values can help us recognize our own. Please share with us somebody in your life who inspires you and what values or teachings you think they exhibit.

  1. Share a story or person in your community that inspires you. 

The person that inspires me is my father, Cliff Wale. From a young age, I always knew that I had the best father, and I really do. He (and my mother) have supported me in anything that I have set my mind to. What truly inspires me about my father is the fact that even though he did not have good experiences within his community, he did not let that affect my sister or I. He was an amazing role model to both of his children and his younger brothers, and was not ashamed of his Indigenous heritage, despite being told growing up that he should be ashamed or should feel lesser because of it. He never attempted to hide who he was, and made sure that we also felt a sense of pride in being a part of the Gitsxan nation. 

  1. What values does this story or person exhibit?

My father exhibits patience, love, tenacity and understanding. Even though he did not have the upbringing I did, he made sure to give my sister and I opportunities he never had.  

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